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Meet our new Bishops Emily and Matt

17th Nov 2016

Two Chelmsford Sixth Formers will hold talks with the Children’s Commissioner of England on ‘Take Over Challenge’ day tomorrow, Friday 18 November when they will take over from Bishop John Wraw.

The sixth formers, Emily Shordon and Matt Miller, from St John Payne Catholic School in Chelmsford, will be given the opportunity to find out what it is like to be a Bishop.

Bishop John Wraw, the Bishop of Bradwell, is taking part in the Commissioner’s Take Over Challenge tomorrow to challenge young people and to be challenged by them:

“I am delighted to support The Take Over Challenge. This is an exciting opportunity for young people to take a look inside workplaces of all kinds and see what they think. It is also an exciting opportunity for workplaces to see themselves through the eyes of young people and gain a new perspective.

“I hope the Take Over Challenge I am offering the young people who are taking over my job as a Bishop will challenge their preconceptions about the Church of England and how we relate to the wider community. But I am also up for a challenge. I want to have my preconceptions challenged about what it takes to be a Church leader and who can do this job.”

Emily Shordon has said why she is looking forward to being a Bishop for the day:

“I hope to get a better understanding of what as Bishop does. You see bishops in church, they do the service but then they go, and you don’t know what they do for the rest of the day.”

As part of the Take Over Challenge Day Emily and Matt will hold talks with Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner of England, about how to make life better for children and young people.

Mrs Longfield commented:

“I really welcome the Bishop of Bradwell’s participation in this year’s Take Over Challenge. I have no doubt that the young people will gain unique insight during the day and take away valuable and lasting memories. As well as enabling young people to see the adult world for the day, the Takeover Challenge puts children at the centre of decision making helping remind everyone just what great ideas and talents they have.”

Bishop John’s Take Over Challenge will include a visits to Fire Station in Grays to see a Chaplain at work and meet the team, Chelmsford Mosque as part of Inter Faith Week, and Thameside Primary School in Grays to support the fund raising for the charity, Children in Need.

You can follow the event on Twitter #TakeOverChallenge @CCOTakeover @chelmsdio.

Further information 

  • The Children’s Commissioner for England is Anne Longfield OBE and her role is to promote and protect children’s rights to make life better for children and young people in England.
  • Emily Shordon and Matt Miller (both aged 17) are in the Upper Sixth Form at St John Payne Catholic School in Chelmsford.
  • The Take Over Challenge, an initiative of the Children’s Commissioner, is a national event that takes place in November each year.
  • Bishop John is active as a mentor to young people and as a supporter of projects that are making the Church of England the open and inclusive church it seeks to be.   
  • Inter Faith Week celebrates the year-round good relationships and working partnerships between people of different faiths.
  • The discussion with the Children’s Commissioner will take place by Skype.