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New church for Beaulieu and Channels

13th Mar 2018

A new Pioneer Ministry has been celebrated at the new community of Beaulieu and Channels in Chelmsford.

The licensing of Pioneer Minister Revd Dan Pierce by Stephen Cottrell the Bishop of Chelmsford took place in the open air near the Beaulieu crowned stag sculpture on Sunday March 11.

Bishop Stephen said: “Jesus famously told a story about a shepherd with a hundred sheep leaving ninety nine of them to go in search of the one that was lost. For the Church today the situation is somewhat reversed. We have to search for the ninety nine. Most people don't come to church. So rather than wait for them to come to us we are pioneering new ways of being Church and establishing new communities of faith in new housing developments and in other places where people meet and mix.

“Dan Pierce is our Pioneer Minister on the Beaulieu and Channels development. His ministry was launched outside one of the show houses on the development and with the full backing of the developers. Becoming a community requires more than housing. It needs heart and soul. People need to come together and form community. Dan will work with people of faith and with all people of goodwill to make this happen. There will be a new church on the development. And like all the very best churches it will be made of people.”

Revd Dan Pierce added: “Like many other families we've moved onto this amazing new development and are excited to see it being built around us. I look forward to my kids eventually going to the new school, to us being involved in existing and upcoming centres of community and to generally getting stuck in to life on Beaulieu and Channels. It's an amazing opportunity and great privilege to begin a church here. We're a way off an official launch so for now my days are full of meeting new faces, praying for this place and its people and over time we'll see what comes to life.”  

Revd Carolyn Tibbott, the Vicar of Broomfield St Mary with St Leonard, said: “We are looking forward to supporting Dan as he joins the North Chelmsford Mission and Ministry Partnership as Pioneer Minister.”

Picture by Robin Stevens: Pioneer Minister Revd Dan Pierce with Bishop of Chelmsford Stephen Cottrell with the crowned stag sculpture by artist Matthew Lane Sanderson in the background