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Real Living Wage offers a real life, says Bishop

5th Nov 2018

Bishop of Barking Peter Hill has welcomed the Real Living Wage rises announced today.

Speaking at the launch of Living Wage Week in London, Bishop Peter said:

I follow a God who is angered by injustice and said 'every worker is worthy of their hire'. Worthy?  What does that mean?  

“Worthy of their hire must mean a sufficient wage to pay for good food, decent accommodation, transport to work and a reasonable life for the family.

“And only on one wage not for two or three as is still the case for many.

"The New Testament calls it a life that is a real life.”

More information

The Real Living Wage is an independently calculated, voluntary wage rate based on how much money a full-time worker and their family need to make ends meet. This year the costs of private rentals, council tax, public transport and basic goods have gone up.

The Living Wage Foundation is urging more employers to pay a Real Living Wage.

There are two Living Wage rates, one for London and the other for the rest of the UK. In London the rate has been raised by 35 pence to £10.55 an hour. Outside London the rate has been raised by 25 pence to £9.00 an hour.

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The Rt Revd Peter Hill is the Area Bishop of Barking in the Diocese of Chelmsford - the Church of England in Essex and East London.