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Super Hero Ordinand joins the Bionic Squad

16th Jun 2021

Daniel Cant is an ordinand in Colchester. Through prayer and the faith and determination of his seven year old son Aaron, he was recently fitted with a life changing bionic arm.

Whilst on holiday in the summer of 2020, Daniel saved the life of a man who fell from a narrowboat, Amazed at what his Dad had been able to do, despite the limitations of having a lower arm amputation (following a road accident in 2005). Aaron called his Dad a hero, declaring,

‘…if you can save a man’s life with one-hand, imagine what you could do with two hands Daddy.’’  

Aaron was insistent that his family should pray to Jesus asking for a new arm for his Dad. Daniel recalls “Personally, I was not confident of being blessed with such a miracle and I set about explaining the complications surrounding this prayer to Aaron. Not deterred, Aaron carried on and lead us both in prayer. It was warming and inspiring to be caught up in the simplicity of Aaron’s innocence.”

Several weeks later, Aaron had been Googling ‘hero arms for dads’ and came across Open Bionics, the manufacturer of the ‘Hero Arm’ an advanced myoelectric prosthetic arm. Unfortunately, the £10,000 cost of the arm was out of Daniel’s price range. Aaron remained determined and with great conviction said, “It’s okay Daddy, we need to pray to Jesus for the money.” Once again led by Aaron, they did just that. Then Daniel was contacted by Open Bionics and given an opportunity to apply for partial funding and was supported with crowdfunding to help raise the remaining amount.

Daniel was later contacted by the Worshipful Company of Glovers (WCG) who offered him full funding and he was fitted with his new arm in March this year. Daniel said: “In March, I became a ‘Superhero’ and a member of the ‘Bionic Squad,’ as well as an Ambassador for the (WCG). Receiving my new bionic ‘Hero Arm’ and growing in confidence, I am looking forward to integrating my Superhero role, ambassadorial role and clerical calling into ministry. 

You can watch a short film about Daniel and Aaron’s story on the Reuters News website.