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To accompany our Online Church Hub, which provides advice and guidance on digital communications, we have hosted a series of webinars, recordings of which are below.

Each webinar, focuses on a particular theme of digital communications and offers practical advice with opportunities to hear from guest speakers and take part in a Q and A.

We will be advertising a new series of webinars in the coming weeks.

Transfer, translate or transform: Where are we with online church?

Tuesday 27 October 2020, 7pm

This session explored how worshipping communities have adapted to digital ministry during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic and the learning so far. Looking at insight drawn from church leaders around the globe, gleaned from both practice and theory, we expliored a new framework - Transfer, Translate, Transform.

Our guest speaker was the Rev Alan Moss. Alan is a curate in Collier Row and has been working with the Diocesan Communications team over the last 6 months to research and explore the development of online church during the Coronavirus Pandemic and to develop a plan to support parishes in the future. During the webinar Alan explained what’s happened with online church in our diocese and further afield.A recording of the webinar is available below.


Nuts and bolts: Video and livestreaming

Tuesday 10 November 2020, 7pm

Video has become an essential part of church life during 2020.

The webinar covered the basics of video and live streaming including:

  • Equipment
  • Production
  • Software for editing and streaming
  • Live streaming, pre recording and platforms (Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Promoting online worship
  • Licensing, safeguarding and data protection

We were also joined by Evie Ball from Meadgate Church in Chelmsford who talked about how they have used video in their children's ministry.

A recording is available below:

The Basics: YouTube and Zoom for churches 

Tuesday 12 January 2021

This session covers the basics of YouTube and Zoom and is aimed at those who are looking to use these platforms for the first time. YouTube is great for sharing pre-recorded services which means you don’t need an internet connection in your church. We will go through how to set up a YouTube account, how to start recording and how to upload a video to YouTube, as well as how to promote and share the videos with your church community.

We will also look at how to create a Zoom account, how to schedule a Zoom meeting and top tips for hosting a meeting. 

The Basics: Facebook Live for churches 

Thursday 14 January 2021

This session will cover the basics of live streaming church services using Facebook Live on a mobile phone and is aimed at those who are looking to use this platform to live stream for the first time. We will look at how to set up a live video post, how to schedule a live broadcast and practical tips for going live on Facebook. 

Digital Foundations: Building a digital mission strategy for your community

Tuesday 19 January, 7pm

In this session we considered the importance of developing a digital mission strategy for our worshipping communities that goes beyond ‘come to us’ thinking and seeks to utilise digital platforms as way to be incarnational both online and off. We will hear from some early stage practitioners and consider how we can make the most of our digital comms and online presence.

Our guest speakers were the Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall and Pioneer Minister Revd. Sarah Hayward and her husband Tim who regularly produce videos for their YouTube channel - Hayward’s Hope in isolation.

Evangelism in a digital world

Tuesday 2 February, 7pm 

This session considered the role of digital evangelism and how our church communities can better navigate the complicated and ever-increasing social landscape of the online space and bring the good news of Christ into its midst in new and innovative ways.

Our guest speaker was Ali Johnson, Digital Evangelist at Cliff College

Nuts and bolts 3: The use of other Digital Tools

Tuesday 16 February, 7pm

This session covered the use of other digital tools such as Email, WhatsApp and websites and the practicalities of using them. We were also joined by guests from across the diocese who share their own experience of using these tools.

Digital Theology: The emergence of Hybrid church

Tuesday 2 March, 7pm

For the past several decades there has been a larger cultural shift taking place known as the Digital Revolution. Some have ignored it, some have watched from a distance and some have whole heartedly embraced it. Wherever we stood on this emerging digital age before the Covid 19 pandemic we have now all been thrust into its midst and forced to answer a set of bigger questions such as, What is church? & What does it look like in a digital landscape?

This session drew on the wisdom and insight of those theological scholars and digital entrepreneurs who have been considering this question for decades before the pandemic took hold and have coined the term, Physical & Digital Hybrid Church. Is this the future?

Our guest speaker was Pete Philips, Digital Theologian at Durham University and Head of Digital Theology at Premier Christian Radio.

Pete Philips Powerpoint Presentation 

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