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Diocesan Giving Strategy

Our main guidance is as follows:

The Responsibility is Ours (TRIO) Resources

TRIO’ is a stewardship programme designed to inform members of a congregation about their church finances and provide encouragement with regard to responsible giving.

Information about TRIO is given in the Introductory Leaflet and the Outline Document. 

The following resources can be downloaded

  • A specimen brochure - fill in your own details to create a TRIO brochure for your hand-out pack


For advice on how to make a Will or for information to assist people who wish to leave a gift to the Church in their Wills please download the Parish Legacy Guidance note

Your Legacy can make a difference. More information can be found in The Diocese of Chelmsford and your Will.

We also have a number of online resources available which you might find helpful when launching a Legacy Campaign.

Short Legacy Film for PCCs 

Short Legacy Film for the Congregation 

Request Free Legacy materials for your Parish

Customise your own Parish Legacy Leaflet

Parish Magazine Articles on Legacy Giving

Giving in Grace

If TRIO is not appropriate for your parish, a Giving in Grace programme is a good alternative.

Liverpool diocese developed these resources and invite parishes which use them to make a donation to the Church Urban Fund by way of thanks.

Parish Giving Officer’s Role

The key task of the Parish Giving Officer is to communicate the budget in words and numbers and to:

  • Promote giving and encourage teaching on giving and stewardship.
  • Work with the PCC as it decides on an annual Giving Programme.
  • Ensure that the church thanks its planned givers at least once a year.

More information can be found on the parish resources website.

A leaflet about Parish Giving Officers in Chelmsford Diocese can be downloaded here

The Parish Resources website provides specific resources for the various tasks of a parish giving officer.

Sources of funding for church repairs and new church projects

Click here for a list of supportive statutory bodies, church trusts, landfill companies and charitable trusts.

Grant-making trusts

Your local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) and Agency for Voluntary Service (AVS) may have software to help you find the trusts most likely to give you a grant.

The Charitable Status of Parishes

Many funders ask for a charity number. Click here to download a document that tells you how to fill in a form that asks for one.

Employing a Professional Fundraiser

The document that can be downloaded here suggests a process to follow when considering the employment of a professional fund-raiser.

Other useful links

National Adviser pages

The Parish Resources website ( includes:

The Money Revolution website provides spread sheets, a PowerPoint presentation and a range of sermon notes and discussion guides for home study groups in order to help parishes to apply Christian principles to handling money.

The Stewardship website has some useful resources for promoting Christian Giving.

For more information please contact PGS Team
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