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Parish Returns Online

The information page for Statistics for Mission (SfM), Parish Finance Return (PFR), Parish Infromation Return (PDCS) and Annual Meeting (APCM) Return.


Statistics for Mission:  (SfM)

Return starts in October each year collecting Attendance and memebrship figures as well as Weddings and baptism numbers and submitted by 15th January

Parish Finance Return:  (PFR)

Return made after Annual Parochial Church Meeting each year with an extract of the approved accounts and submitted by 31st May

Energy Footprint Return (EFR)

Details on church energy usage for working towards our carbon nuetral targets in 2030. Return submitted by 31st July 

Parish Information Return: (PDCS)

Contact information for all appointed parish roles, and consent for the Diocese to use, submitted soon after the APCM and updated with changes

Annual Meeting Return: 

Containing the Audited and approved parish accounts, the Independent examiners certificate and the APCM report and submitted by 31st May

Download annual returns vestry wall reminder poster,  which sumarises all the returns for the year in a calendar format, as a useful reminder.


Statistics for Mission

Statistics for Mission 2021 (Word version)

Statistics for Mission 2021 (PDF version)

Guidance for counting "Church at Home"

Submit Online Returns - link to National Church Portal

Submit by email - opens a new email

Instructions for adding a sub account to the Online Portal

Using the Statistics Portal - User Guide

Parish Finance Return

Parish Finance Return 2021 (Excel version)

Parish Finance Return 2021 (PDF version)

Submit Online Returns - link to National Church Portal

Submit by email - opens a new email

Instructions for the submission of the Parish Finance direct from Finance Coordinator version 4 

Energy Footprint Return

2021 Energy Footprint Tool (.docx)

2021 Energy Footprint Tool (.pdf)

Information about our carbon nuetral ambitions

Carbon use calculator

Parish Information Return

Replacing the Parish People Return, this is an online system to collect contact information for Parish Officers, like Churchwardens, with their consent for its storage and use, to help the Diocese communicate effectively  with them.

To register and create an account:  email   To login and update your parish information goto:

Annual Meeting Return

Submit these documents:

by post to Parish Accounts, Finance Dept, 53 New Street, Chelmsford Essex CM1 1AT

Scan and email to:

Please send one copy of each document to us. We will share them with the Archdeacons so there is no need to take copies to the Visitation service.


Questions & Answers (Q&A)


If you cannot see your question answered, please call or email Chris Copus using the details at the bottom of the page.

Q: I have forgotten my username and/or password for the online returns portal - how do I get a reminder?

A:  Please call or email Chris Copus on 01245 294494 or 

Q: I would like to submit our Statistics or Finance return online this year, how do I get an account set up?

A: Please contact Chris Copus on the details above to arrange setup.

Q: I have an email with instructions for how to register for Online Returns, but there is no parish code or password at the top of the page as the instructions say!

A: The email was a reminder sent to a number of PCC Secretaries and clergy and therfore could not contain information about an individual parish - please contact Chris Copus by email or phone to get the registration details - contact information at the bottom of this page.

Q: Can I use the provided username and password to register 3 times for the 3 churches in our parish?

A: The registration details can only be used once to create one 'master' account per parish. Once this is done sub accounts relating to the individual churches in the parish can be created, with the details of the responsible individuals, so that they can have separate accounts to make the returns.  This is why it is advised that parishes set up the 'master' account with a generic email address, rather than an individuals personal address, so that it can be administered in the future as post holders change.

Q: We have three parishes in our benefice who share a website and generic email address. We have been provided three separate logins for the online portal; can we use the same email address when registering for a login?

A: The system requires a unique email address at registration to work correctly and will not allow a second account to be registered with same address.

Q: How do I add a sub account, so that one of the churches in our parish can enter their own statistics and finance returns?

A:  Please follow the step by step guide available here

Q: Our Treasurer wants to enter the finance return directly into the online portal, how do I create an account for them to do this?

A: Similar to the question above, Please follow the step by step guide to add a sub account here

Q: I am trying to register but the system is telling me that the details have already been used when I click submit?

A: The system requires the username and the email address to be unique in order to create the account. For the username, try adding an element of your parish name to make it unique.  For email address, is it possible that someone from another parish in your benefice has already used a shared email address to register?

Q: I have registered for the online returns, but our wardens still want to complete the form the old way on paper.  where can I get the form for them to complete, which I will then type in to the online system?

A: the forms can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page or from the 'Home' page on the online portal at:  You do not need to be logged in.

For more information please contact Chris Copus
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