Transforming the communities of Essex & East London through Christ’s presence

Our parishes, our diocese and the Church of England are as committed to the wise stewardship of money as to the nurture of all the people who give of their time and skills to the church.

Together we are raising the funds which are vital to God's mission in Essex and East London thanks to the generosity of many people.  

At the same time spending is contained through the exercise of good housekeeping which means that we are able to live within our financial constraints.

This combination of generosity and good housekeeping is fulfilling our strategic priority to serve one another with mutual accountability in all parts of the church.

A number of approaches are driving this mutual accountability - such as cost awareness, financial realism and openness, effective budget setting and review processes and regular tax efficient giving.

However, prayer is at the heart of giving to the church.

The individual Christian should be able to discover a healthy level of financial giving personally through prayerful reflection.

The General Synod of the Church of England suggests that church members donate 5% of their disposable income (or income after tax) to the church.

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