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The new parish share scheme for 2023

This web page provides support and information for parishes about the new parish share scheme that was approved by the Chelmsford Diocesan Synod in June 2022 following an extensive diocesan consultation. The web page includes the following:

An introduction by Bishop Guli

I am very grateful to the many people in parishes across our diocese who contributed to the consultation and discussions that helped us develop this new approach to parish share. 

I know parish share has been a cause of frustration in Chelmsford Diocese over the years, as it has in many others. I'm aware in particular that there was a sense of injustice and a concern about a lack of transparency in the previous share scheme. I hope that the scale of participation and quality of conversation during the consultation has allowed us to understand these concerns and address them for the future. 

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The 2023 parish share scheme explained

Our booklet, Parish Share 2023, Frequently Asked Questions, provides an explanation of how the new scheme works, the values that underpin the approach and how it will work for your parish and deanery.

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Frequently asked questions  

Click the questions below to read the answers to these frequently asked questions about the parish share scheme:

1) What will our parish share pay for in 2023?

2) How is parish share being kept down by scrutinising diocesan expenditure and raising other income?

3) How have people in parishes been listened to as the new parish share scheme has been developed?

4) How will the new parish share scheme work?

5) How has our parish share contribution been calculated?

6) How does the new parish share scheme enable and encourage mutual support?

7) How are the costs of funding stipendiary clergy, house for duty clergy, and self supporting clergy calculated in the new share scheme?

8) Why have some parishes received significantly different suggested contributions for 2023 compared to 2022 and what should we do if we have concerns about this?

9) What happens if a member of clergy leaves their post during the year?

10) How will this scheme work for parishes in Mission and Ministry Units or multi-parish-benefices?

11) What if we don't want to agree our parish share contributions with others in our deanery?

12) What support is available to help implement and communicate about the new parish share scheme in my deanery and parish?

Further guidance and information

Parish Share 


Good practice and materials from deaneries and parishes

In this section we will be sharing materials and ideas that have been used in deaneries to support the implementation of the new parish share scheme and in particular to encourage and enable mutual support between parishes. If you have materials or ideas that you would like to share, please email

Colchester Deanery Materials

Thank you to colleagues in Colchester Deanery for sharing a Powerpoint presentation and leaflet that was used to support their initial deanery meeting. about the new parish share scheme. They are happy for other deaneries to adapt these resources for their own use. 

*This PDF version of the presentation may be useful for those without Powerpoint or where the Powerpoint presentation isn't displaying as it should. 

Stewardship and giving

Order your free parish share leaflets

Parishes can order a free leaflet for distribution with their church community. The leaflet explains the new parish share scheme, its underpinning values and how essential it is to supporting local parish mission and ministry in our diocese. The flyer also contains links to online resources. The first 100 copies of the leaflet are free for each parish, with a small cost for additional copies.

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