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We recognise, due to the pandemic, that for many people, acts of remembrance will need to be undertaken at home this year.

Our children, young people and families team have gathered some ideas for remembrance activities at home.

Download a PDF version of the resources   


Trails, crafts, prayers, songs and stories 

Prayer Trail

A seasonal outdoor trail for remembering including four interactive prayer stations.

Churchyard prayer trail from St Albans Diocese. 


Messy Church

Worship Games, craft, prayer and readings for a ready made, interactive Messy Church

Messy Church at Home


Action songs about peace

Peace like a river 

May you find Peace (short version with actions) Full version


Art work

Some ideas using art to think about war and those who worked and fought for their country. Add some prayers to each section: make a prayer poster to thank those who keep our world safetoday, thank God for his colourful creation,  pray for peace in nations where there is war. National Memorial Arboretum: art


Poppy Resources

The RBL raises money to support those in the armed services and their families. They will not be able to do their usual poppy appeal this year so have some online suggestions including downloadable poppies to colour. The RBL: colour in a poppy

A Reflective story

Can peace exist in conflict? Watch this powerful reflective story from BRF with your group or use it to create  your own version. Talk together about the questions asked.


Poppy prayers for peace

Make poppy prints: using finger paints in red and black make a poppy design and pray for peace. You could also write ‘peace’ around the poppy. Pray for places where there is war. Pray for those people who are in places of war and refugees trying to get to safety

Pictures from the National Memorial Arboretum Through their eyes

The soldiers

The WW1 Christmas truce football match is a well-known story from December 1914. This sculpture represents that event. 

Many stories have been written about it including The Best Christmas Present in the World by Michael Morpurgo.

How does the story of soldiers stopping fighting to play football and exchange gifts make you feel?

Why do you think it has become such an important story for people to tell and hear?

Why might the book be called ‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’? What do you think could be the best Christmas present for the world?

Video clips: cartoon version and Sainsbury's advert version

The children evacuees

In the second world war lots of children were sent from their city homes to places of safety in the countryside.

This sculpture is called ‘Every Which Way’ by Maurice Blik and remembers all the children who were evacuated: more images here.

Read about their experiences good and bad.

Think about children today who have to leave their home or have been separated from their parents because of war.  What things might they want to take with them and what will they need to keep them safe and healthy?

Pray for families who have lost their homes through war and for the organisations who help them.  


National Resources 

The Church of England also have a collection of parish resources for Remembrance

For more information please contact The children, young people and families team
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