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RVRM is a course run jointly by the Diocese of Chelmsford and the Diocese of London. The target group for the residential is Stipendiary Clergy who are in their 50s and who have considerable experience in ministry. 

The aim of the course is to assist clergy approaching their next phase of stipendiary ministry to assess their skills, experience and strengths, in order to set renewed vision for their ministry.

The residential takes place in the context of a 'retreat environment' with daily worship and provides:

  • Space to stand back from the ministry situation to reflect;

It aims to offer

  • professional expertise in helping clergy to identify skills, strengths and preferences;
  • some tools to assist leaders in mission and ministry;
  • help for clergy consider options and possibilities for future ministry;
  • and an environment of support and shared experience.

By the end of the residential, participants should:

  • be clearer in articulating their vision in their current ministry situation;
  • have started a process of identifying options and preferences for future ministry;
  • have gained insights and learning of practical tools to assist them in setting vision and goals for present and future ministry;
  • have developed new and renewed insights of the place of support and development in ministry.

The next RVRM course is 25th to 29th September 2017 at Holland House, Cropthorne, Worcestershire.

Clergy who feel this event might be appropriate for them are encouraged to contact  Jill Mowbray for more information, or speak to their Area CMD Adviser or Area Bishop. There is no cost to participants or their parish aside from travelling expenses.

The course brochure for the 2016 RVRM residential can be downloaded here.

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