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Overseas Criminal Record Checks

If a candidate/applicant is applying for a role (whether they are ordained or lay, paid or unpaid) that is eligible for a DBS check and they are either coming from overseas OR have lived outside of the UK they need to complete an Overseas Criminal Record Check as well as completing a DBS check.

The recruiter/employer needs to contact the safeguarding team by emailing to initiate an Overseas Criminal Record Check. The cost of this depends on the country/countries that the candidate/applicant has lived in. The cost will be the responsibility of the PCC recruiting the candidate/applicant.

Certificates of good conduct:

  • The recruiter/employer should also try to obtain a certificate of good conduct from these candidates/applicants.
  • The relevant embassy/high commission (or police force) should be contacted for this.
  • Either the recruiter/employer (or the candidate/applicant) should obtain a certified translation of the certificate of good conduct.
  • If such information is not available from the embassy/high commission etc. or if there are concerns about the reliability of the information provided, the recruiter/employer should take extra care when taking up references and checking any previous employment record. In such cases, additional references should be sought and at least one reference from a previous employer should be contacted by telephone as well as by letter.

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