Bluebells Curates

New to ministry - LLMs & Curates

The IME Phase 2 Programme for newly ordained assistant curates is organised by the CMD Advisers on behalf of the bishops.

Each Area Adviser supports and works with training incumbents and curates in their Episcopal Area.

The IME Phase 2 Co-ordinator, Andy Griffiths, arranges an annual programme of training days and an annual residential weekend.

The bishops are clear that participation is mandatory, and must be given the highest priority.

Following the report Formation for ministry within a Learning Church (commonly known as the ‘Hind Report’) curacy is now viewed as the completion of Initial Ministerial Training, and is referred to as ‘IME Phase 2’.




The Training Incumbent

Most training and learning in the first four years takes place in the home parish and with the support and encouragement of the training incumbent. Regular meetings of incumbent and curate for supervision and reflection are a key element of the training relationship.

Clergy identified by the bishops as training incumbents are required to attend a residential training event. For more details contact Revd Canon Andy Griffiths, tel 01245 294446.

To find out more about the qualities that bishops look for in a training incumbent please see the Handbook for Curates and Training Incumbents.