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Being a church treasurer is a vocation that carries responsibility and requires commitment.

Chelmsford Diocese provides helps and supports treasurers in the following ways.

Treasurer Training

Data Developments are holding regular free treasurer training and Gift Aid training webinars over the coming weeks aimed at helping treasurers understand their role, the different types of funds and their use, SORP (Statements of Recommended Practice) and financial controls. You can sign up to each week or to all the weeks, and the course is entirely free.

Access the contents of the course below by clicking the underlined text.

27/11/23: Week 1 - What is the Role of the treasurer?
09/11/23: Week 2 - What is SORP and what are funds and why do we need them?
16/11/23: Week 3 - Financial controls, the do’s and don’ts.
23/11/23: Week 4 - Dealing with risks, dual authorisation in a digital world, reporting and budgets and more.

There is also a Gift Aid and GASDS course (please share with GA secretary if separate from treasurer):
05/12/23: Week 1 - What is Gift Aid and GASDS and what do I need to do to claim it.
10/11/23: Week 2 -  What money can and can’t I claim on.
17/11/23: Week 3 - What is GASDS, why is it different to Gift Aid and how can I claim it.

If you are unable to join the webinars, please register anyway and you will receive recorded versions which you can view at your own convenience. The courses are also repeated again in a few weeks’ time, so don’t worry if you miss one. The Diocese is able to provide recordings of previous webinars if required – please contact

Accounting Software Training

Many parishes are using the Data Developments software for both accounts and gift aid claims. There are training opportunities on the Data Developments website for £12 per module: Click DDTraining to access. Scroll down the page to select the appropriate module for your software.

General support

In addition to this, general support is also available by telephone and e-mail to answer questions and queries. Appointments in the office are available, parish visits are also possible. For more information please contact:

The Finance Team by email or call 01245 294430.

PCC Treasurers' Handbook

The 2019 PCC Treasurers Handbook is available to download. This gives a wealth of information about the duties and practicalities of being a Treasurer.

To view the document please click here. (This file is 4Mb)

Charitable Status/Charity Number

The vast majority of Church Of England PCC’s are Excepted Charities, not Registered Charities, this is why most parishes do not have a Registered Charity number. You are not allowed to use the Diocesan Charity number as that only applies to the Diocesan Board of Finance.

Parishes with a total income that exceeds £100,000 in any year cannot, unless a special dispensation is applied for, and granted, legally remain an Excepted Charity. Parishes exceeding the threshold must now register with the Charity Commissioners. 

Compliance with this is very important, not least because your ability to continue reclaiming Gift Aid Tax depends on having a legal charitable status. There is an agreed Church of England registration procedure. If you are affected please go to Parish Resources website and follow the instructions: Registration with the Charity Commission

The only difference that registration makes to most parishes apart from having a Charity Number is that additional annual returns must be made to the Charity Commissioners. All charity law and regulations already applies to all PCC’s. The registration threshold is being reviewed. As soon as further information becomes available on the changes to this, it will be widely circulated to all affected parishes.

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