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COVID-19 Pandemic 

Church of England have updated their advice to parishes on closing and caring for church buildings during the pandemic to reflect current guidance and answer some additional questions. Version 2 includes a list of what has changed at the beginning. You can access the latest version on the CofE website by clicking on documents and selecting the relevant title, or scrolling to the appropriate FAQ. They recommend visiting the main Coronavirus advice page to see what other questions and materials have been added.

Securing and caring for your church buildings during the Covid-19 pandemic: advice for incumbents, churchwardens and PCC memberHERE

CoE_Briefing_Documents_re_UK_Government_Financial_Measures_in_response_to_Coronavirus_-_03.04_.20_.pdf  HERE 


DAC main functions are to give advice on the architecture, archaeology, art and history of places of worship; the care and maintenance of church buildings and their contents; and the care and maintenance of churchyards.

For the most part, the DAC advises churchwardens, PCCs and clergy who are planning work to their churches, and advises the Chancellor whether or not a faculty should be granted. This advice is given on a voluntary basis by members of the Committee, supported by a team of consultants and advisers on specialised topics such as bells, brasses, clocks, lighting, organs and trees.

Caring for church buildings is a great challenge for churchwardens and PCCs. The DAC provides advice, support, and encouragement at all stages of projects, from initial thoughts, through fundraising and making a faculty application, to completion, whether it be quinquennial repairs, reordering, or a new extension, whether on a small or large scale. As well as producing guidance notes and other published material (see below), the DAC and its consultants are happy to visit parishes to offer their expertise and experience – the earlier in the process, the better.

DAC Design Awards Scheme

The DAC administers the Design Awards Scheme, which recognises excellence in design and craftsmanship, and to encourage the commissioning of individual designs rather than resorting to standard catalogue items. The scheme applies to everything which requires faculty consent, from small items such as candlesticks and light fittings, to stained glass, memorials, sculpture, paintings, furniture, etc., through to reordering schemes, whole building developments, cremated-remains areas in churchyards, or tree planting project

See which churches received our Highly Commended Design Awards in 2017.

See which chuches received Design Awards in 2019

Enter the 2021 awards     Please come back to this in October/November 2020 for access to awards scheme 

If you prefer to submit hard copies through the post, down load application form -  Click Here

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For further information, please contact the DAC Secretary, Sandra Turner - 01245 294423, DAC Assistant, Joanne Beaumont - 01245 294413 or follow the links below:

DAC Application Form April 2020 Link

Risk Assessment of your church 

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The following websites also contain useful information and advice:

For more information please contact Sandra Turner
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