Transforming the communities of Essex & East London through Christ’s presence

Our aspiration is to be a transforming presence in every community, open and welcoming to everyone and living out God’s love for all people.

As the Church of England in East London and Essex we have a strong presence but we are part of something infinitely bigger than ourselves and the geographical patch that we represent and are responsible for.We are members of an international movement which encourages human flourishing, works for justice and peace and displays signs of God’s activity in the world. And as such we are called to be beacons of hope and carriers of joy!

Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford

Our parishes are actively addressing four strategic priorities:

  • Living a distinctive Christian life in the world.
  • Evangelising effectively.
  • Holding ourselves mutually accountable over the basics of Christian ministry.
  • Developing a new vision for a Church serving in a missionary context.

These priorities are explained in Transforming Presence - Unwrapping God's Gift (2016).

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