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Why Mentoring:

Many clergy are excited about the opportunities for mission and ministry the Church has at this time.  They can also be somewhat daunted by the increasing expectations on clergy, and some feel isolated in their role.  Mentoring is one way of providing a supportive and encouraging environment in which clergy can grow and develop.  The aim of the scheme is that clergy in transition will have the opportunity of the provision of a mentor (for example first time incumbents, those taking on new extra responsibility, those moving from one role to another from outside or within the diocese, or those moving into a new ministry context such as rural ministry or ministry in a multi-faith situation).

If you are moving into your first incumbency in Chelmsford Diocese you may benefit from the experience of a transition mentor or you have taken on a new extra responsibility, or have moved into a new ministry context.

Your transition mentor is a more experienced minister to guide and support you through the first year in your new role.

He or she will support your learning and development especially at this time of changing role. Your mentor can give you lots of useful information and advice, dependant on your situation, as and when issues arise. Your mentor is an experienced clergy person who can pass on their knowledge, experience and information at this time of taking up a new role. They are someone other than your Area Dean or Archdeacon that you can turn to for wisdom and perspective, expertise or advice in your new situation.

We start with a set up meeting to check that you and your mentor are compatible. This will be followed by monthly or  six-weekly sessions throughout your first 12 months. There is no cost to you, though travel expenses should be offered if they travel to you.

Mentors are allocated by your Area Bishop or Archdeacon.  Please make your request to your Archdeacon or Area Bishop. 

You may find it helpful to read about the other areas of support on offer – clergy wellbeing, work consultancy and coaching to help you discern what support suits your situation best.

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