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Associate Minister with responsibility for Families and Children

Location: Hornchurch St Andrew, 222 High Street, Hornchurch, RM12 6QP



ASSOCIATE MINISTER, with responsibility for Families and Children

We are looking for an ordained minister with responsibility for families and young children. The main responsibilities will be to implement the Parish Vision for the development of ministry among children and families.

They will be passionate about and experienced in working with Families and Young People and will have vision for reaching, discipling, growing and nurturing families and young people for Christ inside and outside the church.

We are a lively and welcoming Anglican church at the heart of the community of Hornchurch.  We are looking for someone who will develop the established work of the parish and to lead, pioneer and create new opportunities to share Christ’s love amongst families and young people within the church and wider community.  You will be working alongside an excellent team of volunteers and visionaries who desire to see growth in this ministry which already includes Messy Church, Summer holiday club, Mother and Toddler groups and Sunday School groups.


The Parish of Hornchurch Children and Young People’s Ministry                                                                                                                  

Development Plan                                                                                                                        

2017- 2020

Our aim is:

To nurture faith in and a relationship with God by:

enabling children and young people to develop their sense of spirituality and faith, and to grow as disciples of Jesus

encouraging children and young people to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit

showing God’s love to children and young people

providing an environment in which children and young people feel someone will listen to them, take them seriously and not judge them

providing opportunities for children and young people to use their energies creatively, have fun and express themselves in a variety of ways in a safe environment

enabling children and young people to develop ethical and moral, values and behaviour based on the Christian faith

encouraging children and young people to  take a full and active part in the Church so that they feel a sense of ownership of the provision that affects them

providing opportunities for children and young people to challenge and to be challenged in relation to their ideas about faith

Strategic Objectives for children and young people’s ministry in the period 2017-2020

We will:

Objective 1: evaluate the current provision

Objective 2: establish clear management structures and systems

Objective 3: invest in the individuals involved in this ministry

Objective 4: embed this ministry into the wider work of the parish


Children’s Church (Based on thinking from 2013)

Why do something different?

Children’s work should form the central part of any church’s ministry. Children will not only be the future of the church, but are a key part of the church today. It has been seen that childhood is the most effective window for responding to the gospel- with eighty percent of people receiving Christ between the age of 4 and 14. We believe therefore, that there should be such an emphasis put on this area of ministry, allowing children to receive high quality children’s work, encouraging them to worship, pray and study the scripture freely, supporting them in making a commitment to Christ, being fully equipped and understanding what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

Effective Children’s work also has a clear effect on the demographic of the church as a whole. It has been seen that churches which have a high focus and investment in Children’s work have, in correlation, high numbers of young families. This will in turn bring in a higher giving and tithing to the church, bring more gifted young adults to serve the church and allow these people to continue to invest in the future of the Parish. There is always a clear encouragement to other, and more mature, members of the congregation when they see young people in church. The older generation who attend the church often comment on how they love to see young people and children around, and I think seeing more children and families at the church will be an encouragement to all.

There is, at present, a need to re-evaluate our Sunday provision for children, there having been no change to the format nor any training within or outwith the team for a number of years. The current format has been used for many years, and we believe that the leaders will be aware that change will be a positive thing to happen, and there is a need for the children’s work to be given new and effective leadership and direction.

The Parish already has many links with hundreds of children, through Safari, Uniformed Organisations and Messy church, and it must, therefore, be asked why there are in proportion so few people attending Sunday School at St. Andrew’s.  Many of the children attending are choir members who are apresent at church in any event.  The 10.15 service is the main focus of the Parish which we believe should be a family friendly and orientated community - if there is not high quality and effective provision for the children, this will have a negative effect on encouraging families to attend this service, and in turn will lower the number of youth and young adults growing up through the church.

Children are a blessing from God. With these blessings also come responsibilities. We as a church have a responsibility towards children and we should want to provide an environment in which children are safe, are taught at an age-appropriate level, and are encouraged to develop a relationship and make a commitment with Jesus Christ. Jesus commissioned his church to preach the gospel- children's ministry supports this mission in several ways. The church grows through conversions of children and of parents. Many families who have children are searching for a church home. If children feel comfortable and welcome at church, the parents are more likely to come back. If we are to continue to have a healthy future as a church, it is essential that we invest time and prayer, developing the future of our children's ministry.

For more information about the church and application pack, please contact the Archdeacon of Barking’s office, 11 Bridgefields Close, Hornchurch, RM11 1GQ

email :    tel: 01708 474951

Closing Date: 30 May 2017

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