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In this book Ivor discusses his own interpretations of popular songs by the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel.

Reflecting on Beatles legend Paul McCartney's 'Let It Be', Ivor says: "It's a song which illustrates the bittersweet paradox between distance and closeness. "Paul McCartney recognised immediately the religious connotations of their song. "The words of the song speak to a mother's watching presence, a comforter of the broken hearted people in the world whose advice is to wait, to trust, and believe that everything will come right in the end."

Moody sees popular music as a natural extension of his own spirituality, and writes that each of the six songs featured in this book contains “a treasury of blessings”. He argues that whilst the songs are in fact secular they should not be dismissed or condemned. Rather, they are open to the spiritual interpretation that music and the personal meanings we take from it should be incorporated into our everyday worship.

Reviewing the paperback, Revd Dr Malcolm Guite says: "From ‘Message in a Bottle’ to ‘Let it Be’, Ivor Moody opens up the deepest messages, and lets these old songs be something new in the minds of the reader.

"Moving seamlessly from Sting to George Herbert, from Nina Simone to St Paul, Ivor finds the hidden treasures and the spiritual nourishment nestled and embedded in popular song and links them to the great themes of scripture and the great spiritual writings of the past.”

  • Songs For The Soul, ISBN 978-1910265260, is published on February 23 by Rejoice Publications at £7.99. It is available at a 10 per cent discounted price of £7 plus postage and packing from the Diocesan Christian Bookshop, tel 01245 294405, e-mail bookshop@