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Authorisation & Accreditation Scheme for Children's, Youth and Families Workers

Authorisation is a special recognition from the Diocese that as an individual volunteer or paid worker that you are on a journey to being the best minister to Children, Youth and/or Families that you can be. It means that you have met and exceeded a baseline of requirements and have pledged to continue your development and go deeper as you service the children, young people and families in your local area. We would usually expect anyone applying for Authorisation to work on Children’s, Youth and/or Families ministry for around 10-15 hours plus each week (that includes time in preparation as well as face to face) but this is not a blanket rule - someone serving faithfully as a volunteer every Sunday for an hour leading the crèche has just as much right to seek Authorisation as a paid Families Minister who works 42 hours a week.

Accreditation is a kite mark of quality from the Diocese awarded to a particular Anglican parish or other Trinitarian denominational church/parachurch organisation who works extensively in the Diocese of Chelmsford in partnership with the Church of England. It recognises best practice in their management of volunteers and/or paid staff and a high level of commitment to their ministry amongst 0-18’s and their families. It does not evaluate the ministry itself, but ensures that the appropriate structures and safeguards are in place so that a fruitful ministry can flourish.

If you as as a volunteer or paid worker whose ministry is amongst children, youth or families would like to apply for Authorisation, or if you are a parish/organisation interested in Accredited Status, first you must read this guidance on what it means to be Authorised and Accredited..

Once you have read the guidance document, please click here to download the appropriate application forms for either electronic or postal submission.

NOTE: We are currently in the process or reviewing and re-writing authorisation. Watch this space.

Key Contacts

Everything you need to become Authorised or Accredited is in the Application Guide, but the Diocesan Children's and Youth Advisors are of course on hand to support you at any stage in the application process.

For suport with any applications:

 Steve Kersys contact for: Children's or Families Workers

Hannah Robinson contact for: Youth Workers in the Barking Area

Mark Tiddy contact for: Youth Workers in the Bradwell Area

Dot Salmon contact for: Youth Workers in the Colchester Area

If you need technical help with your application, such as with problems accessing the online application, submission of documents, finding the correct evidence to support applications, etc., please contact your Area Youth Adviser or Diocesan Children's and Families Advisor.



As more organisations and workers apply for the scheme we are continuing to identify additional useful resources beyond those listed in the extensive Appendix in the Application Guide. If you find a resource that you think would be helpful to others who are applying for Authorisation please let us know and we can include it here.

Health and Safety Training: Appropriate certification in Health & Safety can be gained by completing an online course similar to the one offered here by Virtual College.


Background to Authorisation

Bishop Stephen challenges us to serve with accountability and this new Authorisation scheme has been created to help churches and other organisations to become the best that they can be in terms of looking after their children's, youth and families workers, be they employed or volunteers, and to provide a safe environment for the children, young people and families they look after.

Authorisation is therefore a means of ensuring that: parishes and the diocese have a high quality of voluntary and employed children’s, youth and families workers; there is sufficient oversight, management and good practice for voluntary and employed children’s, youth and families workers; most crucially, parishes and the diocese provides the safest and highest quality environments in which children and young people can encounter Jesus.

For further background, you can:

Download the paper that went to Bishops Council in October 2013 about the Authorisation scheme

Download the Authorisation letter from Bishop David Hawkins that was sent to all Diocesan Clergy

For more information please contact Mark Tiddy
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