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Climate Justice is Racial Justice

is the theme for a series of events taking place this autumn to mark Black History Month and the Season of Creation 2023

This year we are organising a series of events covering September (Season of Creation) and October (Black History Month). Picking up on the Season of Creation theme "Let Justice and Peace Flow" we are exploring the relationship between climate justice and racial justice under the umbrella "Climate Justice is Racial Justice."

A flyer outlining the events is available to download on link below if you would like to share this within your local networks or print to display on church notice boards. 

A full programme will also be published soon. 

Events Programme Season of Creation 2023

The effects of climate change are being disproportionately felt by those who have done the least to cause it and have the least resources to deal with what they are facing. In fact, the damage falls mostly on people of colour. In three events, we will hear first-hand about the effects of climate change in different parts of the world and in a fourth event, Jeremy Williams, will draw together what we have heard, and talk about causes and consequences.

All events are on-line and from 7.30pm to 9pm. click on the links below to register for the sessions: 

Jeremy Williams is author of “Climate Change is Racist: Race, Privilege and the Struggle for Climate Justice.” Jeremy has a wealth of experience from living in Kenya and Madagascar and in this book he outlines how climate change reflects racial inequalities. He also writes a blog, reviews books and much more. 

Events Programme Black History Month 2023

The event progrmme for Black History Month 2023 will futher explore relationship between climate justice and racial justice: For more information please email Revd Sharon Quilter. 



Dr Selina Stone. Fire, Fire, Fire. Black faith and the Environmental Crisis.  

In this podcast Dr Stone talks about climate change and the human actions that are leading to recent climate chaos. She says: I explore some of the beliefs which can prevent us from taking our responsibility for creation care seriously. And I discuss how caring for the earth ties in to our wider concerns for social justice.


Bishop Qampicha of Marsabit Diocese in Kenya talks to Sandra Eldridge, Chelmsford Diocese Enviromental Officer about The Effects of Climate Change in the Diocese of Marsabit.

This Al Jazeera video describes long term effects of the 2022 Pakistan floods.

In this Christian Aid Video, Robert Beckford and others talk about the links between climate justice and racial justice.

Books and articles:

Jeremy Williams. Climate Change is Racist: Race, Privilege and the Struggle for Climate Justice. Icon Books Ltd. 2021. In this book, the author takes us on a short, urgent journey across the globe from Kenya to India, the USA to Australia - to understand how climate justice and racial justice overlap.


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