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A key part of our mission is caring for God’s creation

We also believe that human-made climate change poses a serious threat to the flourishing of God’s creation, and that there are fundamental issues of justice involved in the choices we make day-to-day.

And we believe that the time for warm words on these issues, is over. So, hopefully you will be able to use these pages to see what we are doing to address this, and what you can do too.

Whatever reason you have for locating this page, we hope that you find here useful tools for reflection, information, inspiration and action.

NEW - Net Zero guidance for churches

Published in July 2021, our new booklet and flyer explain how your church can care for the environment and achieve net zero carbon.

8 steps to an environmentally friendly church

The Fifth Mark of Mission


Parishes & COP26

Find out how our parishes and worshipping communities are caring for God's creation and responding to the climate emergency.


Our Faith and the Environment

Why as Christians should we be concerned about environmental issues?


Theological resources

Are you looking for ideas for Creation Sunday, Rogation Sunday or Harvest Festival?

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There are many environmental projects going on throughout the year in our diocese.

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Environment policies, plans and contacts

Get contact details and see our environmental policy.

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