The Revd Lynn Hurry

Women’s Ministry Support

In April 2022, the Revd Lynn Hurry was appointed to the role of Women’s Ministry Adviser for Chelmsford Diocese.

The Reverend Lynn Hurry is the Diocesan Adviser for Women’s Ministry.

Lynn is also Vicar at St Mary-at-Latton in the Harlow Archdeaconry where she has served since 2008 and she will continue to serve in her parish alongside this role. 

Lynn has developed a small team of women to be episcopal advisers with her on behalf of ordained women.

Talking about the role of the Women's Ministry Advisers, Lynn explains:

"The advisers are there to empower, advise and listen to women in ministry. Ministers richly bless our diocese through all they give and share, and indeed in the wider Church, but there is still an imbalance in the Church as far as representation of ordained women go.

 "We aim to represent and understand the needs of ordained women across the Diocese. Please do contact any one of us if you think we might be of assistance to you with any concerns you may have relating to women’s ministry. We hope that we might continue to work together to ensure that all our clergy are able to fully participate in the life and ministry of the diocese. We also offer confidential pastoral support". 

Our role looks to promote the full inclusion of ordained women by:

  • Supporting the well-being of ordained women in their ministry
  • Assessing the Diocese’s progress through regular monitoring of statistics such as the proportion of Incumbents, or those recommended for ordination training, who are female.
  • Promoting good practice to ensure women are encouraged and enabled
  • Encouraging the vocations of young women
  • Ensuring the Five Guiding Principles are at the core of the ministry

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Tips and Resources for churches

For churches blessed by having female ministers or looking to support, train and encourage women in ministry, here are a few basics:

  1. Please be respectful and do not gender stereotype
  2. Please learn to listen and be willing to offer the space for our truth
  3. Treat all clergy the same, no matter what their gender
  4. Use gender-neutral language e.g. vicar, rather than woman/lady vicar
  5. If a member of your clergy takes parental leave, embrace the opportunity to explore how your church operates as a supportive community where all are able to flourish and perhaps try to see how your deanery can respond collegially
  6. Women and men are different. We can celebrate the giftings of our diversity, not all women are the same, just as not all men are!

PCCs, church staff, and those in leadership are also encouraged to undertake some unconscious bias training. There is space for us all to be more aware of how we are treating others and to ensure equity and justice is promoted through our actions.


Revd Lynn Hurry

Contact Lynn

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or call: 01279 424 005

Barking Area Women’s Advisers

Reverend Eileen Rose

Reverend Eileen Rose

Phone 07930 269 877 or send an email

Reverend Elise Peterson

Reverend Elise Peterson

Phone: 0788 844 1659 or Send an email

Colchester Area Women’s Advisers

Reverend Rachel Prior

Reverend Rachel Prior

Phone 01376 325277 or send an email

Reverend Sarah Hayward

Reverend Sarah Hayward

Phone: 07828 046193 or send an email

Bradwell Area Women’s Adviser

Reverend Marion Walford

Reverend Marion Walford

Phone 01268 698991 or send an email

Reverend Timnat Emmanuel

Reverend Timnat Emmanuel

Phone 07751 008770 or send an email

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