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Authorised Local Preachers

The ministry of preaching

As the church grows and responds to the needs of mission and ministry, more and more people have become involved in the ministry of preaching, with the support of their clergy, their licensed lay ministers, and their congregations. The ministry of Authorised Local Preacher is a response to this need and an opportunity to invite more people to participate in the church's ministry.

The Authorised Local Preacher

Preaching has always been at the heart of the life of the church and a focus for its mission and ministry. The Bishops wish to be linked with those who share in the ministry of preaching and to offer encouragement and support by giving their authorisation for this ministry. The ministry of authorised local preacher is exercised under the responsibility of the incumbent who, with the congregation, will have discerned the gift of preaching in one of their number.

An ALP needs the support of their incumbent and PCC. Incumbents should download the ALP Application by clicking hereOnce the form is completed electronically, the form is sent by the Incumbent to their Area Office by email, with the confidential declaration, if the applicant needs a DBS check. The ALP must complete appropriate Safeguarding training for an authorised role in the Church of England, and once completed, the Bishop will send out a letter of authorisation. The ALP may be commissioned in an act of worship and may commence their preaching ministry.

This authorisation lasts for three years. In that time the ALP should complete or at least begin the Course in Christian Studies, or an equivalent course, if not already completed and attend four preaching workshops organised by the diocese.

Church of England Safeguarding Training

'Safeguarding is at the centre of our faith, in our practice, in our worship, in our praying, and in our believing'

These are the 4 Church of England Safeguarding Training courses required to hold a Bishop’s Authorisation:

  1. Basic Awareness (online)
  2. Foundation (online)
  3. Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse (online),
  4. Leadership (virtual via Zoom) every 3 years prior to Authorisation and Re-authorisation.

For more information about Church of England Safeguarding Training please visit our Safeguarding Training webpage or contact The Diocesan Safeguarding Team by emailing safeguarding@chelmsford.anglican.org or calling 01245 294438 or 01245 294490.

Authorised Local Preachers are welcome to training events held for ministers by the Diocese of Chelmsford. You can find details here and here.

Sometimes, training events specifically targeted for the continual ministerial development of Authorised Local Preachers are held. You will find details below.

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