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Introducing Generous God, Generous Disciples

Generous Disciples is the Diocese of Chelmsford’s stewardship initiative that started in Advent and will run until Easter.

But unlike previous stewardship initiatives, Generous God Generous Disciples will continue beyond this initial four month period..

We are using the time from Advent to Easter to reflect and equip ourselves as a diocesan family to put giving at the heart of our Christian discipleship for the future. Then throughout 2021 and beyond, we will continue to support stewardship in our parishes, particularly through the work of our Mission and Stewardship Advisors.

This web page will be a hub for resources, guidelines, video reflections and information about Generous God, Generous Disciples. Our extensive range of stewardship and giving resources to support Generous Giving, Generous Disciples are available by clicking the button below.

Stewardship and giving resources   

Key themes

At the heart of this initiative are three key themes:

Understanding giving as part of our discipleship

We are organising online services and webinars, sharing reflections and producing resources to help us consider giving as part of our Christian discipleship. Giving in response to God’s gift of love to us.

What does it mean to the Church of England in East London and Essex?

We give as part of our Christian discipleship. We give to the Church, to charities, to people and organisations. We give our money, our time and our talents. We will celebrate the difference our giving makes across our diocese and beyond and we will reflect on how we can better build a sense of family and encourage mutual support?

Resourcing parishes to enable and encourage giving

We’ll provide resources to help parishes encourage and enable giving, communicate, pray and reflect. We will help equip parishes with practical stewardship tools such as the Parish Giving Scheme and contactless giving. Click the button below to access the resources

Stewardship and giving resources   

Throughout January and February, we will be delivering a series of webinars to support parish giving as part of our Generous God, Generous Disciples Stewardship Initiative.

The webinars below are now open for booking. All the webinars will be recorded and made available afterwards if you are unable to log on to a particular session.


10 things I wish I’d known when I became a parish treasurer, Saturday 23 January, 10am – 11.30am

In this practical webinar we’ll be joined by Terry Gray from Colchester, who will be known to many across the diocese and has  provided advice to many of our treasurers.

Register here


Spirituality and Giving, Wednesday, 27 January, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

We’ll be joined by the Dean of Chelmsford, Nicholas Henshall who will lead us in a reflection on spirituality and giving.

Nicholas writes: “Although we easily focus on the practicalities of financial giving and its outcomes, in the New Testament giving is always a spiritual issue. Jesus talks about giving again and again – and his focus is always on the need of the giver to give. In this webinar we will be exploring these themes, and above all how we understand our generosity as a response to the generosity of the God we know in Jesus Christ, who fed thousands from a few loaves of bread and turned hundreds of gallons of water into hundreds of gallons of wine.”

Register here.


The Parish Giving Scheme, Thursday 4 February, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

In this webinar we’ll explain how the Parish Giving Scheme can help you to encourage and enable giving in your parish.
We’ll be joined by Richard Jones who is the Lead Parish Giving Adviser for the Diocese of Hereford. Richard will explain how the scheme works and how you can get started. There will also be an opportunity for discussion and questions.

Register here.


Dates for our other two webinars about stewardship resources and diocesan finance will be confirmed soon.


Practical Stewarship and Giving Resources for Parishes

A key feature of Generous God, Generous Disciples will be our support for parishes to enable and encourage giving.

Our resources page includes:

  1. Mission and Stewardship Adviser details
  2. Enabling giving guidance and resources:
    1. Direct Debit and the Parish Giving Scheme
    2. Setting up and promoting online giving
    3. Contactless giving
    4. Gift Aid
  3. Encouraging giving guidance and resources:
    1. Service and worship materials
    2. Developing a message about giving
    3. Communicating your message
      1. Email
      2. Letter
      3. Website and Video
      4. Online worship and social media
  4. Encouraging giving Webinars
  5. Further advice and guidance

Click the button below to access the resources

Stewardship and giving resources   

Publicity flyer for churches

The flyer below can be downloaded for distribution in your own parish or displayed on noticeboards to make people aware of Generous God, Generous Disciples.

Click the logo below to download the full sized Generous God, Generous Disciples logo. This will open the image in a new window. Then right click the new image and click 'save as image'


Advent Sunday Online Service

Generous God, Generous Disciples was launched at a special online service on Advent Sunday. The service included reflections on generosity and stewardship as well as contributions from people across Essex and East London. You can watch the service below:


Reflections on generosity

Throughout Advent we shared reflections on generosity through a social media advent calendar on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

You can view a collection of those reflections here.

All the reflections were given to us by people across East London and Essex.

If you have a reflection that you would like to add to our web page please email it to us.

Stories of generosity

Across the 12 Days of Christmas we shared stories of generosity across Essex and East London.

You can read the stories here.

For more information please contact Communications
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