The Lord's Prayer project display St John's School Epping LP Walthamstow st Mary's

Diocese of Chelmsford Schools take part in The Lord’s Prayer Project

1 July 2024

Earlier this year, Church of England Schools in Chelmsford Diocese were invited to take part in The Lord’s Prayer Project.

The Lord's Prayer Project, ran by the Diocese of Chelmsford’s Education Team, encouraged pupils, staff members, parents and governors to write or record The Lord’s Prayer in all the different languages that are reflected in their school community.

A number of schools across our diocese participated and sent in photographs or videos of their translations of The Lord’s Prayer. Many schools also made creative displays of the written prayers for their school community to enjoy.

St John’s Secondary School in Epping, sent in a picture of their school’s display featuring translations of the Lord’s Prayer from across the world.

Malihe Zare, Head of Religious Education at St John’s School said:

“We were thrilled to take part in the Lord’s Prayer Project. It has been a fruitful opportunity to inspire togetherness and spirituality within the school environment and community.”


Commenting on the Lord’s Prayer Project, the Right Reverend Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, the Bishop of Chelmsford said:  

“The Lord’s Prayer is the prayer that connects Christians of every denomination, not just in this country but globally. It is the prayer that Jesus himself taught his disciples and it expresses our deepest needs and longings to God, for ourselves and for the world. It’s a unifying prayer but it’s also a profoundly personal one and so it’s important for every Christian to be able to say the words in their own language. I hope The Lord’s Prayer Project has helped demonstrate our unity, not just as Christians, but as human beings across different cultures, languages and experiences, and that it has helped pupils in our schools learn more about one another and encourage conversations about the importance of faith in our communities.”

Katrina Carroll, Assistant Director of Education in Chelmsford Diocese added:

“It was fantastic to see the hard work and creativity of pupils and to hear The Lord’s Prayer written in the many languages represented across the diocese and within our schools. We hope that this project has helped individuals to feel recognised and valued whilst opening everyone’s eyes to the presence of Christianity as a global faith.”

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