Retirement of the Revd Jill Mowbray


A message from the Revd Rob Merchant, Dean of Mission, Ministry and Education.

The Revd Jill Mowbray will be retiring on 14 June 2023. Ordained since 2001, Jill has served in a number of roles in the Dioceses of London and Chelmsford, and  led on Lay Training in London prior to ordination.  Jill joined the Barking Area team and diocesan Mission and Ministry team in 2009. In her role as Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) Adviser for the Barking Area, first of all leading on Incumbency Skills, and other Eastern Region programmes and the Leadership Programme, then holding diocesan responsibility for Ministerial Development Review (MDR), mediation and coaching, Jill has nurtured and enabled the formation of many deacons and priests who serve in our diocese and across the Church of England. She has contributed widely to training and development both in the diocese and regionally, and has overseen the development of coaching provision, building on the work of previous colleagues. In 2021 Jill enabled the development of our new MDR scheme focused on the well-being of those serving in licenced ministry.

Since 2022 Jill has served as the Wellbeing and Ministerial Development Advisor for the Diocese bringing her development and coaching skills to the task of establishing a diocesan wide Well-Being Steering Group, recruiting and training deanery well-being champions, and conducting research into the actions needed to improve our provision to licenced ministers to support their well-being.

I know we will miss Jill hugely and there will be time for farewells in June, however I am personally grateful to Jill for not only the generosity with which she shared her skills and experience renewing our MDR process, but also the way in which she has enabled the adoption of the Clergy Covenant in the diocese with a clear agenda for the continued development of well-being.

Please do pray for Jill as she completes her work on well-being and enables a diocesan action plan to be put in place, and as she prepares for the next stage of transition in her life.

Jill is hoping in this next phase of life to do some writing and photography, to continue with some coaching for individuals, and wants to be involved with a community or environmental project. 

The Revd Rob Merchant, Dean of Mission, Ministry & Education


Tributes from Bishop Guli and Bishop Lynne

The Rt Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani, Bishop of Chelmsford said:

“I want to thank Jill for her many years of service to the life of our diocese, as CMD Adviser in the Barking Area and in her diocesan roles. We will miss the considerable skill, knowledge and wisdom she has brought to her ministry with us and I know that many ministers who have known and been supported by Jill will join me in thanking her and praying for her as she embarks on a new chapter.”

The Rt Revd Lynne Cullens, Bishop of Barking and Chair of the Chelmsford Diocese Wellbeing Steering Group:

“Jill has been a great servant to both the Barking Episcopal Area during her time as CMD Adviser and to our wider Diocese, not least in the work she has most recently undertaken on Ministerial Wellbeing. We will miss her greatly; we give thanks for all that she has contributed in her ministry with us and we pray for her as she prepares to retire in June.”