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The online CCS: Would you like to take the Course in Christian Studies, but your job or your personal time-table makes a weekly meeting difficult? Or do you prefer to learn online, and want to be able to study at the times which suit you? Or, if you find face-to-face groups somewhat intimidating and fast-paced, might you prefer to be more reflective and able to take longer over responding to questions?  The online CCS will take you through the same material as the face to face version – the Bible,  prayer and sacraments, church history, ethics and doctrine and our part in God’s mission, and the optional assessments are the same. Piloted in 2016, this went live from September 2017 and you can join the second group to start in September 2018.

The eLearning (online) course uses pages of multimedia content – text, images, sound and short videos – intermixed with activities using tools like forums, wikis, quizzes and questionnaires to enable teaching, discussion, thought-showering and worship. You will ‘journey’ through each week’s ideas with a facilitator and a group of a dozen or more learners, learning from teaching material, from each other, from the facilitator, from your own developing inner resources – and, we pray, the Holy Spirit.  Wherever possible, what we do is ‘wrapped’ in prayer and worship with a wide variety of resources to stimulate thought, prayer and devotion.

As a guide, three to five hours a week would allow you to do justice to the material, and you will be encouraged to log on to the website every other day to participate fully in ongoing forum discussions and other interactions with fellow learners. The great thing is that how and when you log on is down to you. The on-line material aims to be tablet- and smartphone-friendly, so if you commute, you can learn as you go.

CCS will follow the same unit order as the group version: Units A – F in Year One; G – L in Year Two.  A certificate will be presented on completion of all the units.

To find out more, have a look at some of the material from Unit A online. To do this, go to, enter the username ccsguest and Sept-2019 as password.  Then follow the link to Guest: CCS Unit A – Me, a theologian?  and you will arrive at the Unit home page. 

The cost of the online CCS is the ssame as the face-to-face course: £150 for 6 units, or £30 a unit.  To apply please complete the application form by clicking here and also the Data Protection form by clicking here and return them to Diane Hardy, Diocesan Office, 53 New Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1AT, with your payment.  Or you can return the form online to and make your payment via BACS - details are on the form.

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