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Ordination of Priests 2019

29th Jun 2019

Congratulations to our 30 new Priests who were ordianed  by the Bishops of Barking, Bradwell and Colchester at services across the Diocese of Chelmsford on Saturday 29 June.

Our new Priests are: 

Barking Episcopal Area  - Ordained to the priesthood by the Rt Revd Peter Hill, Bishop of Barking:

  • Robert Otule
  • Amy Stott
  • Tom Britt
  • Abi Todd
  • Thomas Jee
  • Obi Chike
  • Gary Wilson
  • Sandra Eldridge
  • John King
  • David Harrigan
  • Alan Moss
  • David Perry
  • Tom Warmington
  • Sam Peters
  • Anne Keeble

Bradwell Episcoal Area - Ordained to the priesthood by the Rt Revd John Perumbalath, Bishop of Bradwell:

  • Suzanne Fryer
  • John Noddings
  • Cathy Hasler
  • Wendy Mott
  • Simon Pearce
  • Andy Brown
  • Michael Walker
  • Jackie Turner
  • Shirley Pearce

Colchester Episcopal Area  - Ordained to the priesthood by the Rt Revd Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester:

  • Helen Flack
  • Susannah Lacon
  • Beverley Vincent
  • Kirsty Emerson
  • Chris Smith
  • Viv Mendham​




Our 30 new Priests are pictured here on pre-ordination retreat at the Diocesan Retreat House Pleshey. They were joined by The Right Reverend Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford, The Right Reverend Peter Hill, Bishop of Barking, The Right Reverend John Perumbalath, Bishop of Bradwell, The Right Reverend Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester, The Venerable Vanessa Herrick, Archdeacon of Harlow, Reverend Mark Blakely, Chaplain to the Bishop of Chelmsford and Reverend Canon Philip Need, Diocesan Director of Ordinands.


Highlights from the ordiantion services, including photographs can be viewed in our Twitter Moment 


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Ordained Ministry

While all Christians, in their baptism, are called to ministry, some women and men are called to the ordained ministry. Their role is public, representative and enabling of the work of other Christians. Within the ordained ministry, there are three orders of deacon, priest and bishop.

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The role of a Priest

Priests are called to be shepherds and servants among the people to whom they are sent, the pattern of their calling being the ministry of Jesus. As collaboration in ministry grows, the priest’s role is changing. Priests are ministers of Word and Sacrament and are encouragers of others’ gifts, people of vision and team leaders. They fulfil the same duties as the deacon and, in addition, are given the authority at ordination to declare God’s forgiveness of sins and to preside at the celebration of Holy Communion.